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Town History

The Town of Yates was set off from the town of Ridgeway on April 17, 1822,
encompassing ranges three and four of township 16 in the county of Orleans, bounded by Lake Ontario on the north, on the east by the town of Carlton, on the south by Ridgeway and on the west by Niagara County. The town had been called Northton by the Holland Land Company surveyors, but a few months after organization the name was changed to Yates in honor of the governor of New York State, Joseph C. Yates.

1860 Map of the Town of Yates - Click image for larger view.

SHADIGEE: Now a quiet summer colony, Shadigee has been in the past a thriving business district and later the scene of the town summer activity. Yates Pier, 275 feet long, one mile directly north of Yates Center, was built about 1850 by a stock company composed of farmers. Mr. George Lane of Newfane, N.Y. was the principal stockholder, Nathan Gilbert the builder. A warehouse was also built to store lumber and grain to be shipped. A warehouse built by Chamberlain and Simpson had occupied this same spot, this was swept away many years before the pier was built. Mr. Lane purchased and shipped grain from here to Oswego for several years. In 1856 Mr. Erastus Spaulding purchased most of the stock and continued in the grain and lumber business until he entered the army in 1862. Mr. Spaulding bought as much as 50,000 bushels of grain in a season from Yates farmers. His brother, Henry, and Owen D. Phelps operated the business during the war. With the coming of the railroad, the lake trade gradually decreased and soon the business ceased operations. The pier deteriorated and disappeared under the waters of Lake Ontario. Many remember the mound of earth at the end of Rt. 63, which was originally the loading ramp to the pier and warehouse. The mound was used for fill after the extensive erosion of the Lake shore in 1973.

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For inquiries or appointments please call Dawn Metty, Historian at the Yates Town Hall.

8 South Main Street, Lyndonville, NY 14098

Phone: (585) 765-9716


Orleans County Historical Association

Historic Photos and News Clips:

Town of Yates & Lyndonville

1860 Historical Maps:
Map of Lyndonville

Map of Niagara and Orleans Counties

Map of Oak Orchard

Map of the Town of Yates

Map of Yates Center

Main Street, Lyndonville NY 1908

  Main Street, Lyndonville NY 1908
Photographer E. L. Mosher, Lyndonville NY


Places to visit in Orleans County NY
Dam at Lyndonville NY after the rain of May 6th, 1910
  Yates Academy. Looking South


R. W. and O. Station, Lyndonville NY 1911

  Lyndonville NY
Photography by W. C. Eaton, Jeddo NY


Lyndonville Canning Co., Lyndonville NY 1918
  Canning Factory Group 1927

Lyndonville NY and the Town of Yates

Pile of Apples in late July 1911
Charles Lewis Dry House, County Line Road
  Main Street Lyndonville NY 1976
Photography by F. E. Koup


High School, Lyndonville NY
Postcard sent June 20, 1921

  "Shadigee Hotel Had Long, Varied History"
Newspaper article from the Medina Journal Register, 8/7/81

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