Town of Yates

Regular Planning Board Meeting

January 13, 2015



Chairman Donald Lamay called the Regular Planning Board Meeting to order at 7:00 pm, at the Town of Yates, 8 S. Main Street, Lyndonville, NY 14098.


Those Present:                      Donald Lamay, Chairman of Planning Board

                                                Ed Urbanik, Planning Board Member

                                                Mark Hughes, Planning Board Member

                                                Dawn Metty, Deputy Clerk

Dan Wolfe, Code Enforcement Officer

Steve Freeman, Town Board Member

                                                Larry Wolfe, Resident

Richard Hellert, Property Owner

Vernon Yoder, Property Owner

John Riggi, Property Owner

Chris Crafts, Property Owner



Those Absent:                      Ralph Smith, Planning Board Member

                                                Richard Kurz, Planning Board Member



Chairman Donald Lamay entertained a motion to accept the minutes from the November 6, 2014 meeting.






RESOLVED, to accept the meeting minutes from November 6, 2014 as presented to each Board Member.


Offered:     Ed Urbanik

Seconded:  Mark Hughes


Votes:   3 Ayes (Lamay, Hughes, Urbanik); 0 Nays


First on the agenda is a possible Special Use Permit.  Mr. Yoder is here for an additional business with his previous business.


Dan Wolfe – On November 16, 1999 Vernon Yoder was approved for a special use permit to operate a replacement windows/baked goods store. In 2003 he was approved for a bulk food store.  A friend of the community would like a business to manufacture sheds but can’t in the Town of Ridgeway. 


Dan Wolfe asked Vernon the size building he would build to make these sheds.


Vernon Yoder – 60 x 120 to manufacture the sheds.


Dan Wolfe – You will have to submit a site plan and meet all setbacks.


Vernon Yoder – Caleb had a good business going but then he moved. Would like to manufacture the sheds at my (Vernon Yoder) place and Caleb would sell them at his place.  The sheds will be built all indoors.  Will not leave any loose wood lying around.  When done the sheds will be placed nicely outside until picked up.  Will build by order.  Working with Caleb to help him out.


Dan Wolfe – Can modify what he already has to make a Home Business Class B.


Chairman Donald Lamay – If he meets all setbacks, which he will, we could treat it as an accessory.


Vernon Yoder added – The generator will be closed in.  It’s a 5000 Honda.


Chairman Donald Lamay entertained a motion to follow through with Vernon Yoder’s Special Use Permit.






RESOLVED, to follow through with Vernon Yoder’s Special Use Permit.


Offered:     Mark Hughes

Seconded:  Ed Urbanik


Votes:  3 Ayes (Lamay, Hughes, Urbanik); 0 Nays


Chairman Donald Lamay asked Town Board member Steve Freeman if there were any updates with the County?


Steve Freeman – 2 of the meetings were cancelled and this last one was just a zoning referral.  Family Dollar was approved.  Just a small zoning change.


Ed Urbanik – Was the cancellations due to lack of business?


Steve Freeman – Yes


Chairman Donald Lamay – There have been discussions on windmills.  We really don’t have much other then what was given at the open house that was held here.  Basically we wait and play it by ear.  There will be a lot of public hearings before anything is a yes.


Steve Freeman – Yates and Somerset will be treated alike.  About 9 or 10 Towns will get information on what’s going on.


Ed Urbanik – Did they renew the tax credits?


Steve Freeman – Don’t need it.


Chairman Donald Lamay – Normal procedure is a Special use permit, site plan, and SEQR application.  Not in this case


Steve Freeman – It’s all done in Albany.


John Riggi – Apex has been talking to people since September 2013.  We are fighting to stop it in Albany and Niagara County.  The Federal Government is funding it.  It’s not economical.  A lot of issues with these.  Some examples: If they turn to fast, they have to shut them down.  If they move to slow, it’s not enough energy


John Riggi let the Board know that he plans on coming to every meeting and would like to be on the agenda every time.


Chairman Donald Lamay welcomed John to do so.


Richard Hellert – Mentioned going back and looking into the history of this.  With the coal plant closed, they are looking for another source of energy.  People are attracted to Lake Ontario that’s why they are here.


John Riggi – There are very vocal people in this area where they want the windmills and they oppose the idea.  We want to preserve what we have.


Chairman Donald Lamay asked if anyone had anything else regarding windmills.






Motioned by:  Mark Hughes

Seconded by:  Ed Urbanik


Votes:  3 Ayes (Lamay, Hughes, Urbanik);  0 Nays